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The Trust was established in 1983 to keep the archives of the Leeds Model Company and R. F. Stedman & Company. Today the Trust provides a service of spares, repairs and technical advice to LMC enthusiasts and continues to promote interest in and appreciation of the products of The Leeds Model Company, founded by Rex Stedman in 1912, and which ceased to trade in 1967.

David K. Peacock, Co- proprietor, Trustee and Archivist
Marcus D. Peacock, Co-proprietor and Trustee

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Mansted Foundry Models – another recovery and an update

‘Mansted’ was the play on his name that Rex Stedman in the mid-1920s used primarily for the models he designed and built for G.P.Keen’s K-Lines model railway.  In 2011, in the book on the Leeds Model Company we listed the details and known whereabouts of thirteen of the nineteen models which carried the MF plate. Since that listing there have been several developments, including sale of the three locomotives from the collection of Roy Chambers, (RC), to known buyers in the UK, and the recovery of one further K-Lines locomotive, MF102, from France. These changes were detailed in Lowko News February this year and are such that the book list must be updated as follows: MF101, 2-6-0 K-Lines 321 (ex RC) is now in beneficial ownership in the UK, restored and running. Its owner, a skilled engineer, contributed substantially to the restoration of its ‘sister’ model  MF102 MF102  2-6-0 K-Lines 322,  has been rescued from the Musee du Train France. It was in very poor condition but has been rebuilt and restored.  It also in beneficial ownership in the UK, (in company with MF 105, MF108, and the K-Lines Twining Garratt – which was also rescued from France and restored in 2019).


On the road to recovery above MF 102, and below – recovered!

MF103 2-6-0 K-Lines 331 and MF117 4-6-0 K-Lines 313 were purchased from the Chambers collection and are now in beneficial new ownership in the UK, restored and running.

MF105 2-6-0 K-Lines 326 (previously location not known), is in good condition and running in company with MF102 and MF108 as above.

MF106 2-6-0 K-Lines 336 remains in the Trust archive collection with MF118

MF109 the LNER Garratt 2492, remains with the National Railway Museum, but, when last seen, was inconspicuously displayed without credit to Rex Stedman or other information. 

MF110 4-6-2 LNER A1 ‘Great Northern’ was repatriated from Australia in 2018 and is currently held in the Trust archive collection (see article ‘Back Home’ in the History section). Its location longer term depends very much on the future of the Horden layout with which, as ‘Sydney’, it was originally sent to Australia.

MF111 2-6-0 LNER K3 ‘ Woolloomooloo’ recovered from a private collector in Australia, restored by the Trust. It was taken back to join MF 112 and MF113 with the Horden Layout in Tasmania.

MF116 4-6-0 K-Lines 312. (previously location not known). The UK owner kindly identified himself following the article in Lowko News.

MF117 4-6-0 K-Lines 313 (ex RC), with MF 103 as above.

There now remain four ‘MISSING’ locomotives, whereabouts unknown:

MF104 2-6-0 K-Lines 332

MF107 4-6-0 K-Lines 311

MF114 0-4-0 Pantry Dockyard No2 from the layout of Mrs Keen.

MF115 0-4-0 from the Hordern layout. This model is most unlikely to be found considering the most difficult circumstances under which ‘Woolloomooloo’ and MF113 were recovered. 

Hopefully these, or their fate, may come to light so that the record may be completed. A ‘Great Gathering’ of these unique models might then be arranged, actually or virtually. Owners of the ‘missing’ locomotives may advise the Trust in confidence, their details will not be revealed.

An extensive LMC archive from the Dutch HRCA

I continue to be delighted at the work put in by Hans van Dissel of the Dutch HRCA to record on their website adverts, editorials and correspondence related to the Leeds Model Company. Starting from 1915, Hans listings are now into the 1950s, and a most interesting story they make.  All but a few of the items he displays are held in the Trust archives from the combined collections of Rex Stedman and later his son Adrian, but they are not as readily available to view.  To see the Dutch collection please go to

  With their kind permission this link will also be added to the archive section of our website.

'The Leeds Model Company 1912 -2012'

This book can only be obtained directly from the Leeds Stedman Trust.  If you wish to obtain a copy please use the Contact page on this website. The book is priced at £19.95 per copy plus £2.55 post and packing.

The book (128 pages), with both colour and black and white illustrations and with 24 chapters and 19 appendices, covers every aspect of the company history and products.  An accompanying DVD has two video programmes, 'The Leeds Stedman Trust' made for the Gauge 0 Guild  by David Peacock and Jack Ray, and 'Augurswell and Great Blessingsby', the Trust layout, made by David Peacock and Chris Pettit. The disc also carries as a CD a high quality photograph of every locomotive and item of rolling stock held in the Trust archive

Reviewers have said…..

 ….nothing is missed out and it is written in an easy to read style, with plenty of pictures….  a much needed book by an expert on the subject.   I strongly recommend it.    Pat Hammond, Train Collectors Society

….a definitive history of the LMC ….a most welcome addition to the library of anyone interested in the history of model railways. ….excellent value too.
                              John Ingram, The Bassett Lowke Society

…well constructed and the illustrations are generally of high quality….there is much here to grab your interest….I ended up reading it cover to cover.
                               John Kneeshaw, The Gauge 0 Guild

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